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The inspiration for 'Many Paths' Acupuncture was provided by my first  teacher or Sensei;  Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko. Dr. Kaneko was presenting a workshop on 5-Element application of  Shiatsu-Anma at CenterPoint, the school founded by my friend, mentor, and former employer; Cari Pelava-Johnson in Minneapolis. One of my students, accustomed to a parallel but different theoretical model,  became frustrated with an apparent contradiction. Dr. Kaneko replied to her rather inflammatory question with a smile and this phrase;

" There are many paths up the mountain."

Mark Duhamel, MS, EAMP

I moved to Port Orchard in 2003-2004 from Minneapolis, MN, where I taught and practiced for 10 years. The foundation of my work; Shiatsu-Anma, is a particular style of  Japanese medical acupressure developed by DoAnn T. Kaneko L.Ac, PhD. Dr Kaneko learned Anma from his parents and was formally trained in Shiatsu and Acupuncture at Toyo Acupuncture College in Japan. I served as assistant instructor with Dr. Kaneko in Santa Monica, California prior to becoming a Certified Instructor in Shiatsu-Anma.

While teaching and practicing Shiatsu in Minneapolis, I joined a small study group in the kitchen of Duc Kieu, a Vietnamese physician and Buddhist. Dr. Duc was trained traditionally, apprenticing with his father, who apprenticed with his father, and so on, through several generations. He lectured Acupuncture and Herbal medicine to five of us for 3 years, sharing a family tradition and producing voluminous notation for our benefit.

My formal training and advanced degree was taken at The American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) in Roseville, Minnesota. I was a member of the inaugural class, and had the privilege of studying under some of China's brightest exports.

What is M.S.,E.A.M.P. ?

M.S. is for Master of Science, a four year post graduate degree, and E.A.M.P. is for East Asian Medicine Practitioner, a new designation in Washington State that replaces L.Ac., or Licensed Acupuncturist, the designation used prior to 2011.